In a post COVID-19 world, web traffic is more important than ever. More and more businesses must rely solely on the web due to various restrictions regarding customers physically being on their premises. This has led many business owners and marketing managers across the world to ask, “are we getting all the traffic we could?” A question that leaves many wondering.

Modern search engine algorithms, I’m looking at you Google, do not just rely on the simplicity of key words like they were years ago. Key words are easily manipulated so there is a whole range of criteria that must be met before they will direct their customers to your website. If you are unsure of where to start here are some of the basics so you can give yourself an SEO checkup.

  • Key Words & Alt Tags – One of the keys to proper keyword usage is using them in your copy and Alt Tags. The algorithms want to see the words USED whether it being in an Alt Tag, within your website copy, or page title. In fact, the more uses, the better. 
  • Dead Links – Dead links are dead ends for the person who clicks the wayward link as well as your website ranking. If your website is full of dead links, or even has one or two, it can cause search engines to de-rank your website. Search engines like Google, do not like directing their customers to your website if it isn’t well maintained. Make sure to check your links now and then and make sure everything is up and operational, it makes a major difference in your website ranking.
  • Poor Quality / Irrelevant Media – Media Matters. Search engine algorithms will de-rank websites with poor quality, improperly sized, or irrelevant media. Make sure you are using high quality relevant media and sizing it accordingly. This often-overlooked item can wreak havoc on your web traffic.

There are a multitude of SEO techniques that can be applied to get your site to reach its full potential. Websites need a checkup now and then to make sure they are attracting all the traffic they could be. Digitize Marketing Solutions can help with business’ big and small. If you think your website could use a tune-up, contact us and let’s get to work, it’s more important than ever. 

Frank Bernardo

CEO – Digitize Marketing Solutions